AlightMotion vs CapCut, Which One Is Best?

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AlightMotion vs CapCut

Video editing, designing, creating animation, and applying effects to make videos and graphics more appealing have become hobbies. With the advancement in these trends, technology has brought the latest apps. These applications help to make these dreams come true. Alight Motion and CapCut are among these applications. This article will explore all the video editing aspects by comparing AlightMotion vs CapCut. This article will help you decide which one would serve you better.

Alternatives exist in cell phones that have video editing features. It is sometimes hard to decide which one to go with. It’s natural when you have multiple options. However, we will not impose our opinion; we present all the features, pros, and cons for awareness.

Features of Alight Motion vs CapCut

Both these tools offer a long list of options. Here, we will categorize those options into 4 broad categories and help you compare them both.

Visual Effects

Both apps differ in terms of visual effects as follows

Alight Motion

It offers transitions, QR codes, color correction, and different typefaces that can be further customized. This customization is to make them entirely new as per your preference. You can go beyond this to show your creativity.

Moreover, this app adds effects to your videos to make them more appealing. Color correction helps you to get a perfect match. You can share those on social media to get more likes, comments, and shares. Alightmotion helps to increase the reach of your social media posts.


The transitions and visual effects of Cap Cut are diverse and attractive. The effects with higher ratings are dreamy, split screen, retro comic, sunny, warm, and more. All these help to polish your content and make it ready to share.

Additionally, this app allows you to make a slideshow and presentation of your edited collection. You can combine all the edited visuals and make a single file with different transitions. You can export this as a video and share it with friends.

Keyframe Animation

This feature adds value to your content. Both applications offer this feature. However, they are a bit different.

Alight Motion :

This feature of animation helps in creating motion graphics. It helps customize your short films with stickers, text, and effects. You can use this with any of the versions of Alight Motion. Take this as fun and be creative while adding any animation for entertainment.

CapCut :

The function of KeyFrame Animation is available in all the latest versions of Capcut. You can easily access it from the application settings. This helps in customization and adding effects to your videos. Furthermore, stickers, texts, quotes, and lines can make your content more meaningful. You can change the frame of the content and shift it to a new location on the file.

Vector Graphics

You can do it if you don’t have a video and want to create one. Vector Graphics help add vectors and other artwork and combine them to make a video.

Alight Motion :

This app uses vector graphics in the best possible way. It helps in creating motion graphics. Built-in vectors and templates are available in the library. Just browse them and customize them. You can do it even on your smartphone.

CapCut :

Unfortunately, Cap Cut doesn’t have vector graphics. It only has filters and effects. These effects help customize the videos and make them appealing and attractive. Apply these filters, see the effect on the live screen, and switch whenever you want to.

Multi-layer Graphics

Graphic layers added to the video and media will enhance appearance.

Alight Motion

With AlightMotion, you can do professional editing and add multiple graphics layers; you can even add dozens of layers. Change the hue, match it with the image, or add a contrast. You can also add a sandbox-style block where needed.

One of the best editing features of this app is that you don’t need a high-end smartphone or PC. You will get access to all the options, even on Android with version 4.0.


This tool also helps you edit any video by adding multiple layers. You can edit images in the same way. Additionally, it offers auto-capturing with changed background. You can select any background from the library.

Content Export

When you are done with all the customization and editing, it is time to export this media for sharing and utilizing for other purposes.

Alight Motion

Alight Motion offers the option to export content in multiple formats. Before exporting, ensure that the effects and vectors you have utilized are embedded and working perfectly. To export, click the “Export” button at the right corner to get your project.

You can save your masterpiece in any of the available formats. Different formats include MP, XML (for videos), PNG, JPEG, and GIF (for images). After saving, an option for sharing and saving will pop up. You can directly share it with your social media apps.

CapCut :

In Capcut, there is a stand size set for you to export video. You have to choose a perfect resolution size. The maximum acceptable size is 4K resolution at 60 fps (frames per second). If your content falls in this range, export it.

It has another amazing feature. You can turn on HDR. A project with HDR on and off and high quality with full customization is in your gallery now. Make all possible changes and save your content in the gallery or share it with the social media application.

Font Styles

Customization of the fonts can make your content catchy. It enhances the intensity of your message and makes it perfect and easy to understand.

Alight Motion

You can embed text in your videos and images. There are more than 3000 different styles of text. Customize the size and style as per the demand for content. Moreover, you have the option to select the color of the text. Always use dark colors on the light content and light colors on the dark backgrounds to make them more visible.

In Alightmotion, this customization will amaze your audience. Among those, three fonts are my favorite;

  • Algerian
  • Bauhaus 93
  • Broadway

CapCut :

In this app, you can use fonts of different styles as a subtitle for the videos and as a caption for images. There are over 100 different fonts, 300 text effects, 175 animation effects, 250 bubble designs, and 600 free video effects. All these come with catchy styles. It all depends upon your ability to add the style to make them attractive.

Among the different fonts, I like 3 the most. Those three fonts are;

  • Nuntio
  • Amatic SC
  • Bahiana

Always try to select the one that is attractive, readable, and suitable to the content in the background.

Comparison Table of AlightMotion vs CapCut

The following comparison table lists all the features to indicate the pros and cons of Alight Motion vs Capcut.

FeatureAlight MotionCapcut
PublisherAlight Creative Inc.Bytedance Pte.Ltd
Size126 MB288 MB
AvailabilityiOS and AndroidiOS and Android
Android Version4.0+5.1+
UseEditing and Animation VFXVideo Editing Only
Special EffectsCreate your own effect and animationCreate your effect and animation
EffectsUnlimitedA few
Free Hand DesignFree hand design with brushNot Available
Drawing OptionsAdvancedBasic
Auto CaptionNot AvailableIt offers trending filters and stickers
PriceFree Pro Features are paidFree Pro Features are paid
Active Users6 million6 million
Star Rating4.3+4.4+


Here, we are comparing Alight Motion vs CapCut, two well-known video editing apps available now. They are both competent to make videos and images masterpieces of art and creativity. They are truly for professionals and pro users. They are user-friendly and available for both Android and iOS devices. They are comparable in typographic options, formats, content export, vector graphics, and multilayered graphics.

However, we prefer Alight Motion over CapCut for the following reasons;

  • Alight Motion has the most for its eye-catching effects and multilayer graphics.
  • It also offers free hand design with the brush.
  • You can customize the size and color of the brush.
  • The shapes and drawings in the alight motion are comparatively advanced.
  • It offers changes in the color, opacity, size, and texture.


The basic plan of the application is free from any charges. We offer it for free if the user wants to use basic editing. However, particular effects are limited and only available in the package by paying; otherwise, the output content will have a watermark.

Video Editing app CapCut is free to use for editing content. This app is available on the Play Store and Apple Store for Android and iOS devices. Create a video, edit it, make customization, and export it for free. However, there will be an outro with the app monogram. That will be for just a fraction of a second.

A user-friendly interface and multiple customizable options, fonts, emojis, items, stickers, and effects make Alight Motion one of the most demanding editing apps. Additionally, you can add green screen effects or even remove the background of the video easily. It helps you add automatic content to the videos.

This app allows you to make all the customization using your mobile phone. The most attractive features of the app are automated captions, background removal, and attractive fonts.