Idle Guy Mod APK v1.9.372(Menu, Free Shopping)

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Idle Guy







Idle Guy Mod APK

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App NameIdle Guy Mod APK
PublisherHeatherglade Publishing
Latest Versionv1.9.372
MOD InfoFree Shopping, Rewards
UpdateMay 29, 2024
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Do you want to begin your career as an unemployed guy without a home or money? If yes, then you have come to the right place because Idle Guy is a life simulator game in which players can play a virtual character and experience various activities and tasks in real life. Through this game, you will get unlimited money, free shopping, and a lot of missions. Moreover, you can raise pets and play with them with your customized character.

 What is Idle Guy Mod APK

Idle Guy MOD APK is an entertaining game that helps you relax and enjoy exciting moments. Heatherglade created it, and on March 28, 2024, it had a new update for you. This amazing app is 134.77MB in size.

What Is The Idle Guy Mod APK?

It is an entertaining game in which you will play the role of a guy who is lazy and doesn’t want to do anything for a living. Your mission is to help him get through the day by finding a way to relieve the boredom of life. With light and fun quests, you will find a colorful and humorous world that will put you in relaxation and comfort.

Moreover, you will be involved in many activities, such as working, going out, shopping, cooking, planting trees, and caring for pets. You are free to adjust your schedule and enjoy life. Each activity you participate in will give you money and experience so you can upgrade your equipment, buy new things, or expand your home. You can also hire employees to work for you or enhance your ability to be more productive.

Fantastic Features of Idle Guy – Life Simulator

It is a very interesting game that has the following fantastic features that are discussed below in detail:

Unlimited Everything

In this mod APK, you can purchase and use as many items, upgrades, or abilities as you want without having to worry about running out of money, diamonds, hints, or other resources. So, you can get unlimited everything or items in this game.

Free Shopping

In this fantastic app, you can get these items without having to spend any real money, essentially giving them an unlimited amount of in-game currency or resources. When you download this mod APK, you can buy everything for free.

Free Shopping

A Lot of Mission

Players will receive various missions to complete. These missions are designed to help players gain experience and collect resources and money to upgrade and develop their game. Each mission will have different levels and be completed by performing specific actions. After completing the mission, the player will receive the appropriate reward, including money and experience, to improve and develop his game.

Unlimited Money in Idle Guy Mod APK

If you solve all the puzzles, levels will keep you full of unlimited money. Some tasks require more time, and you must collect more money for customizations and free shopping. If you have this mod APK, you can get a never-ending flow of money for free without any effort.

A Unique Virtual Character

In this mod APK, players can create their virtual characters and customize them from head to toe, including hairstyle, face shape, clothing, etc. Players can create a unique virtual character based on their interests and preferences. The virtual character will live in a beautiful virtual city with a variety of buildings and facilities, including residential areas, commercial areas, parks, cafes, and more. Players can explore the entire city, interact with other virtual characters, complete tasks, and develop their characters.

A Wide Variety of Tasks and Activities

The game has a wide variety of tasks and activities for players to participate in. For example, players can choose to work in a virtual cafe, providing excellent service to customers and earning gold and experience values. Players can also go to the park to exercise and improve their health or go shopping in the business district to buy fashionable clothes and accessories.

A Wide Variety of Tasks and Activities

Raising Pets

The game also has an interesting system for raising pets. Players can find a variety of cute pets in the virtual city, such as cats, dogs, birds, etc., and can raise them and interact with them. Players need to take care of their pets’ daily lives, including feeding, bathing, walking, etc. They can also train their pets to improve their skills and intimacy. Players’ pets can also participate in pet competitions, competing with other players’ pets to win great rewards.

Build Relationships With Other Idle Guy Mod APK

You can build relationships with other characters in the game to improve your mood and achieve your goals. Players can participate in everyday activities such as going out, participating in competitions, and showing affection by giving gifts to the people they love. Building relationships in the game helps players improve their feelings for those around them, but it also helps increase motivation and create exciting experiences in the mod app’s virtual life.

Customization Option

One of the standout features of this mod APK is the level of customization it offers. Players can tailor their character’s appearance, home decor, clothing, and accessories to reflect their unique style and preferences. This level of personalization allows players to create an avatar that resonates with their personalities, making the game feel more immersive and personal.

How to Download Idle Guy Mod APK Latest Version on Android?

You must provide permission to install apps from unknown sources to install this mod APK on your Android devices. To do this, follow the procedures below.

  • The first step is to allow the installation of unknown apps on your Android device.
  • Click on the download button to initiate the Idle Guy Mod APK file download.
  • Now, tap on “install” to begin the installation of the app.
  • Wait for a few seconds until the installation is complete.
  • Once the installation is finished, tap Open to enjoy the app.
  • Congratulations! Your app is now installed, and you can enjoy your favorite apps and games.


Idle Guy Mod APK is an interesting and engaging entertainment game, that puts players in the role of a lazy guy who wants to avoid work. You can get many amazing features, like unlimited money, a lot of missions, unlimited everything, and free shopping. So, download this game and have fun with life simulation gameplay.


Yes, it is now available in the free game library on our website. You can download and experience this game right now without having to pay anything.

This mod APK has no specific age limit, but it is designed to be suitable for adults. It is not suitable for children or people who do not know this area.

While this app itself is generally safe, using mods from untrusted sources or not following safety protections can pose risks. It’s important to be careful and use trusted mods from trustworthy websites.

Yes, the game can be downloaded on your Android and iOS devices completely free of charge.

You can easily play all Android games, including the Idle Guy mod app, on your desktop by installing an emulator. BlueStacks and NOX emulators are more common.

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