Worldbox Mod APK v0.22.21(Everything Unlocked)For Free

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Worldbox Mod APK

Additional Information

App NameWorldbox Mod APK
PublisherMaxim Karpenco
Size144 MB
Latest VersionV0.22.21
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
UpdateMay 28, 2024
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How would you feel when blessed with supernatural powers? Imagine you’re a creator and you are free to create and even destroy your world. This is not possible in real but Worldbox Mod APK enables you to do so. Every trait and tool is unlocked here to give you GOD’s Powers. You can be the best Armor with unlocked weapons.

What is worldbox Mod APK

the developer of the game is Maxim Karpenko, famous for developing simulation games. The latest version V0.22.10 of the game is just 134 MBs and is loaded with unlimited customizations. This is also known as the God Simulator Sandbox Game.

How to Play WorldBox?

The game is easy to play with a user-friendly interface. If you don’t know, how to play it, don’t worry, we will easily guide you. Here is the step-by-step guide for you:

  • Download the Worldbox mod APK from our webpage.
  • Install and launch the game.
  • Once you launch, from the interface, select “New World” as you want to create your world.
  • Then, choose the type of world you want to create. There are multiple options, like deserts, mountains, plain fields, etc.
  • Use all the available tools and characters to design your world in your own way.
  • Slowly, your kingdom will form. There would be some other kingdoms as well. You can fight with those kingdoms to dominate the world.
  • Use all the unlocked resources to destroy the kingdom.

Feature of Worldbox APK

Following are some of the interesting features of Worldbox.

Feature of Worldbox APK

Multiple Races

You have to create a new world. There would be different races in the world including; humans, orcs, dwarves, and elves. These races will create diversity in the game making it more and more interesting. There is always a fight among different races and intra-races.

Game Modes

The game allows you to play it solo as well as in multiplayer mode. In multiplayer mode, you can invite your friends and dear ones. There are several other modes depending on your skills. Like, you can choose war mode, peace mode, survival mode, and many more depending upon your interests and likings. You can play all these modes for free.

Customization and Powers

As there are multiple civilizations and modes, you can customize all those as per your choice. You have the power to design and create your world. Customize your world using your GOD-like powers. Add all the elements you want to add like the mountains, rivers, plains, and deserts. Even you can destroy other civilizations by creating floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes.

Mod Features of Worldbox Mod APK

Worldbox Mod APK has all the stunning features, however, there are some limitations. For this, you need a modded version of the game. The modded latest version of the game has with following features.

Mod Features of Worldbox Mod APK

Unlocked Characters with Unlimited Powers

The mod APK of WorldBox offers you to be the creator and God with all the characters unlocked. These characters will help you to do any type of customization you want to do. These characters have unlimited powers. The additional powers will help you to destroy the kingdoms and dominate the world.

For non-stop creativity and fighting mode, you can unlock the power box. This box is an amazing feature of the modded game where you must not worry about the limited powers and access. Don’t stop and move on, you are GOD.

Unlocked all Traits

There are 75 different traits. These traits can help you accomplish different tasks. They can help you in building a new kingdom in a short time. They have unmatched powers. You just need to click and use as many traits as you can. Moreover, these traits have diversity based on their powers and abilities.

Unlocked all Traits

Unlimited Money

For in-app purchases, the modded version of the Worldbox provides unlimited money and resources. You can do free shopping with this money and customization whatever you want to do. You can buy the best traits and tools. This premium APK will give you an amazing experience.

Unlocked Weapons and Tools

If you are in love with gun mode, you need weapons. All the weapons are available for free in the mod APK of the game. With these weapons, you can fight with the other kingdoms. Use a weapon to show your fighting skills and powers.

However, there is a stream mod too where you must use different tools to create the world of your own. Open the earth map from the game screen and select the location where you want to create your world. Use all the unlocked and free tools to fulfill your desire. Armour, tools, and weapons are unlocked for you.

Unlocked Weapons and Tools

How to Download and Install Worldbox Mod APK?

For downloading, installing, and playing WorldBox mod APK on mobile, you need NCMS files too. Download NCMS files and APK files from the links given on the webpage. Follow the following steps to get both files into your device.

  • Download the NCMS zipped file, unzip it, and install it. Then again visit our website and download the .apk file.
  • Copy the NCMS.dll files and paste those into the Worldbox folder.
  • Open the file manager and install the APK file
  • Copy the installed file to the folders.
  • You are done with it, from the game icon, click and enjoy.

To play Worldbox mod APK on a PC, you just need to download and install Emulator. After installation, import the APK file into the Emulator and play the game for free.

What is an NCMS.dll File?

NCMS.dll are the modded system files for the mod of Worldbox. They are helpful in the integration and compatibility of Worldbox with all other systems. This file helps to streamline different modes of Worldbox in the gameplay on mobile.


In the Worldbox Mod APK, your dreams transform into reality. You become the creator of worlds, shaping landscapes and civilizations at your own will. The game gives you the boundless experience of godly power. Armed with unlocked characters, traits, and weapons are there for you to create and customize your world. Top of Form


To obtain all traits in Worldbox, utilize the various unlocked characters, tools, and powers to interact with your evolving world. You can access the diverse array of 75 traits, each possessing unique abilities.

Unlocking every trait in Worldbox involves utilizing the game’s unlocked characters and resources. All these along with the God-like powers is available in the WorldBox mod app for you.

Worldbox is a captivating simulation game where the characters have an extraordinary ability to create and control their world. Developed by Maxim Karpenko, known for his prowess in crafting simulation games, Worldbox immerses players in a sandbox universe where they can shape landscapes.

Installing mods in Worldbox, download the required NCMS files and the .apk file from the provided links. Unzip the NCMS files and install the contents. Next, move the NCMS.dll files to the Worldbox folder. Open your file manager and install the downloaded .apk file. Finally, place the installed file in its designated folder. Once done, launch the game from the icon and you will be there

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