BGMI Mod APK v3.2.0(Unlimited UC, Money)2024

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Additional Information

App NameBGMI Mod APK
PublisherKRAFTON, Inc.
Latest Versionv3.2.0
MOD InfoUnlimited UC
UpdateMay 29, 2024
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Do you have the courage to step into the battleground with multiple enemies around you with destroying weapons? Challenge your enemies in BGMI Mod APK, a shooting game where you shoot down opponents while staying alive. Enjoy unlimited modern weapons, vehicles, health, and ammo for an exciting action-game experience.

What is BGMI Mod APK

The game has realistic graphics and maps, making navigating the battlefield easy. It’s a mix of classic action and training. Play as a soldier carrying a weapon around and earn unlimited ammo, money, and UC rewards. Enjoy higher ranks and get more rewards.

How to be in action in BGMI Mod APK?

BGMI Mod APK is an online action game where you can play solo or multiplayer. Test your skills with rifles, snipers, and machine guns, and try to be the last person standing in the field. For a better experience, play on a laptop for clear visuals. Download the game, log in, and create your superhero character yourself.

Choose your weapon, load ammo, and select a battleground in the gameplay. Customize the appearance of your character. In the battleground, use the map to locate enemies and plan aggressive attacks. During fights, use voice chat with friends for added excitement. Moreover, create a squad and lead it to victory. Regular play will polish your skills.

Fantastic Mod Features

The BGMI Mod APK comes packed with incredible features. These can enhance your gaming experience:

Fantastic Mod Features

High-Quality 3-D Graphics

Enjoy a visually stunning gaming experience with high-quality 3-D graphics. BGMI is famous globally for its high graphics, sounds, and music. It always ensures top-notch visuals to keep you and your fellow players engaged.

Variety of Unlocked Weapons

There are multiple destructive weapons unlocked for you to use for killing. Choose from rifles like AKM and Beryl M762, shotguns like S12K, pistols including P18C and Desert Eagle, and machine guns like Vector and Tommy Machine Gun. Snipers like Kar98K and Win94 and weapons like grenades and Molotov cocktails are the weapons I like the most. Try these yourself to be in action. Ensure your safety while taking down enemies to progress through stages.

Explore new places in BGMI Mod APK

Unlocked Vehicles for Navigation

Navigate the battlefield with unlocked vehicles. Choose from a 2-seater Motorcycle (fast but unstable), a 4-seater UAZ (fast and stable), or a 2-seater Buggy (fast with a high damage rate). These cars, buggies, and scooters will help you to gain an advantage during intense encounters.

Unlimited Money and UC

In BGMI Mod APK, enjoy unlimited in-game currency (Money and Unit Coins) to purchase weapons, make modifications, and customize your superhero’s costume. Unlike the standard version, where you must earn these through gameplay, the mod APK provides them free.

Unlocked Maps to Find Enemies

Select your preferred map based on your skills and preferences. Start with easier game modes and progress to more challenging ones. There are more than 6 types of battlegrounds, each with a distinct map for easy movement. Explore these attractive maps.

Unlocked Maps to Find Enemies

Character Customization

Exercise full control over your gaming experience by customizing your character, game phase, mode, environment, and map. Modify controls by assigning keys for shooting, focusing, changing weapons, and riding vehicles. Personalize your character’s appearance, including outfits, hairstyles, skin, and eye colours. All this will enhance the overall visual appeal of the game.

Unlocked All Stages

Engage in the gameplay’s diverse levels without restrictions. While regular BGMI requires skills and earned coins to unlock stages, the mod APK of BGMI unlocks all stages and levels. It allows you to enjoy extended gaming sessions during your free time.

How to Download BGMI Mod APK for Android?

Getting the latest version of BGMI 2024 will be fun for you. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Look for the download button in the content above and click it.
  • Save the downloaded .apk file in your file manager for easy access.
  • Find where you saved the file in your file manager and click on it.
  • Let the installation process complete. Once it’s done, you’ll see the game icon on your screen.
  • Click on the game icon to launch the game.
  • Enter the Bios, select your character and username, and customize it.
  • Navigate to settings and select your preferred map and level. That’s all you need to do.

Now, you’re all set to enter into the action-packed world of BGMI Mod APK.


BGMI Mod APK offers an exciting gaming experience with its outstanding features. The high-quality 3-D graphics unlocked weapons, including rifles, shotguns, pistols, machine guns, and snipers, make it an outstanding fighting game. The availability of unlocked vehicles adds a dynamic element to the game, allowing swift navigation and strategic positioning on the battlefield. The mod provides unlimited Money and UC as well. Download, customize your character, and start a thrilling journey of survival and dominance in the battleground.


The developer has developed a game version compatible with iOS, Mac, and other Apple operating systems.

Yes, it is possible. Our webpage hosts a collection of older BGMI versions, including V1.8, V2.2, V2.3, V2.6, and V2.8.

Including OBB files is advantageous as they compress game files without compromising gameplay quality or affecting graphics for a better experience.

UC, or Unit Coin, is the currency in the latest version of BGMI Mod APK. It serves a crucial role in upgrading levels and enhancing the gaming experience

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