Free Fire Mod APK v1.104.1(Unlimited Money, Diamonds)

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Free Fire mod apk

Additional Information

App NameFree Fire Mod APK
PublisherGarena International
Lastest Versionv1.104.1
MOD InfoUnlimited Money, Diamonds
UpdateMay 30, 2024
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Free Fire Mod APK is the rejigged version of Garena Free Fire with unlimited game diamonds and all unlocked features. The mod version will take your MOBA gaming to peak level with tons of characters and unlocked weapons. Enjoy the game with more maps and environment diversity. Switch to the mod version and try the full potential of the game without paying for premiums.

Free Fire Mod Menu Apk

The mod menu is the additional panel in the mod version of the game. In this mod menu, players can access all the unlocked features. Moreover, they can access and activate all the mod features from this menu. So download Free Fire Apk Mod and access unlimited diamonds, skins, and characters.

Interesting Features About this Game

This MOBA game offers many features to ensure immersive and engaging gameplay. Let’s discuss all those high-quality and thrilling features of the game.

Interesting Features About this Game

Graphics & Visuals

When it comes to Royale Battle MOBA games Graphics & visuals are key factors. Players love to enjoy the epic battle with extreme graphics quality. Thankfully, Garena ensures stunning graphics quality with realistic visuals for its players.

Variety of Maps

To keep players engaged, Free Fire offers dozens of maps. These maps bring exciting and varying landscapes. Varying landscapes offer different challenges and varying environments. It means you won’t be bored with a single static environment. Rather you will enjoy the game in a dynamic and varying environment with realistic visuals.

Dozens of Characters

There are dozens of characters to give you different looks & sets of skills in the game. Each character has a different visual appearance and gaming skill set. Get Free Fire MOD APK All Characters Unlocked with this Mod version. Pick any character from a bunch of characters available for free.

Diverse Weapon Arsenal

Its offers a diverse range of weapons to make the epic battle more engaging. Try top tire guns, use epic weapons, destroy opponents with bombs, and take on distant opponents with sniping guns. Moreover, all the weapons and guns are unlocked in the mod version.

Diversity of Game Modes

Diversity of Game Modes

You will never get bored with the gameplay as there is a great diversity of game modes. From practice mode to epic royale battle, you can play any mode. Whether you love to play alone or are willing to enjoy games with buddies there is a game mode for you in Garena Free Fire MOD APK.

Simple & Customizable Controls

The game controls of this MOBA game are super smooth and simple. Moreover, there is a great diversity of customization options for game controls. You can rejig different controls and their positions for a personalized gaming experience.

Plenty of Vehicles

To explore the diverse maps, Free Fire MOD Apk offers different vehicles in the game. To take on the expansive maps you can use vehicles from bikes to cars. There is a diversity of vehicles and each vehicle comes with a specialized control panel.

Voice Chat

The game offers a variety of game modes and you can also play with friends. It’s a MOBA game and requires pro gaming strategies in every game mode. Hence, it comes with a real-time voice chat feature to propose & discuss strategies with friends. You can make squads and play the game strategically with friends by discussing gaming strategies with them.

Loots & Rewards

In addition to assets on the battlefield, there are special rewards and loot in Free Fire MOD APK. You can earn guns, skins, diamonds, coins, and other assets through rewards and Loots.

Anti-Cheat Measures

Thousands of hackers and cheaters are reported every day in MOBA games. But Free Free Fire APK comes with Anti-Cheat measures. With these measures, it has banned over 86k cheaters’ IDs to ensure fair gameplay.

Cross Platform Gameplay

The cross-platform compatibility of Free Fire allows you to enjoy games on different devices. You can continue your mobile gaming ID on a PC or any other device. It means you don’t require different gaming IDs to play the game on different devices.

Social Integration

The social section of this game helps you to socialize. You can share your achievements on social media and invite your social media buddies to the game.

Tournaments & Events

Tournaments & Events

In addition to a variety of game modes, there are special events and tournaments in the game. Some events & tournaments are organized by Garena and others by third-party organizers.

MOD Features

This mod version includes all the core features of this MOBA game and many additional MOD features. These MOD features are premium in the official version and users have to pay a lot for these features. But now with the mod version you can enjoy unlimited assets and premium features for free.

MOD Features of Free Fire Mod APK

Unlimited Diamonds & Coins

Get the APK file from this page to get Free Fire Mod Apk Unlimited Diamonds. You can use these unlimited diamonds to buy skins, guns, and assets. Characters & Skins Unlocked

Auto Aim

MOD version brings auto-aim feature on aimbot. This will pace your gameplay reducing the aiming time.

High Fire Rate

Go for a quick kill with high fire rates in this mod version.

Unlimited Ammo

This Mod APK comes with unlimited Ammo. It means Ammo won’t be running short during your intense royale battle.

High Damage

Give high damage to your opponents with a single shoot. A high damage rate gives you quick killing sessions on the battlefield.


Go for a headshot with every shoot in this mod version of the game.


  • Midrange & high-end Android devices.
  • Installation-friendly with minimal storage consumption.
  • Requires a minimum of 2GB free RAM for smoother and uninterrupted gameplay.
  • Works with every network speed and bandwidth.
  • Requires graphic customization in graphics settings to make gaming adjstments.
  • Need stable Wi-Fi or mobile internet data for smoother & high-quality gaming graphics.

Top Fact About This Game

  • Developed by 111 Dots Studio (A game development company based in Singapore).
  • Release date: Sep 2017
  • It was the Most Downloaded mobile game in 2019 across verified app & game stores.
  • Also won the Esports Mobile Game of the Year Award in 2019.
  • Breaks the language barrier with more than 26 languages to make it a global gaming brand for its over 200 million users.

Free Fire MOD APK Download

Are you willing to enjoy the full strength & all features of this Mod APK? Then don’t pay for premiums and try the mod version given here. Tap on the “Download” button but make sure to allow “unknown source Installation” before downloading it. After downloading it, open the APK file directly from the download manager or notification bar. Now tap on the install button and complete the installation of Free Fire APK MOD on your Android device.


This MOD APK is one the best and among the most played MOBA games in the world. It brings the epic battle of survival among 50 players on a realistic battlefield with a dynamic environment. Try hundreds of guns, dozens of vehicles, plenty of maps, a plethora of characters, and many gaming assets. Unleash your strategic potential with the voice chat feature during multiplayer gameplay.

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All you need is a simple tap on the “Download” button given on this page to download the mod version of Free Fire.

No, it’s a Mod version of the game and iOS devices do not support any modded version app or game. So you must need an Android device to use this MOD version of the game.

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